Friday Blogroll Call: Admitting You’re Wrong

It’s Friday kids, so it’s time for our Friday Blogroll Call.  Now, you might have noticed something of a drop off in my writing this week and for that I truly apologize, my two year old came down with the flu which really put me on my back when it comes to maintaining my normal schedule.  Today’s her first day back to school, so things are sort of returning to normal, but the past week has really drained me, so I’m leading off with the Blogroll Call, and it may be the only thing I do until later on this afternoon.

Now, the deal’s pretty simple, we’re opening our blogroll up every Friday, and anyone who wants on it all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section and add us to your blogroll, and I’ll get ya added as soon as humanly possible.  Since I started doing this, we’ve had a lot of great blogs join our roll, and I hope to keep that up, so don’t be shy.

Now, during the Blogroll Call, I also like to draw attention to some of the newer blogs on the roll, and the first new addition is weird in that I can’t believe it’s a new addition.  It wasn’t until Joe Gandelman emailed me suggesting a blogroll exchange that I realized The Moderate Voice wasn’t on our blogroll!  How did that happen?  Ah well, everything’s fixed and I have two links from them I want to share with you today.

The first comes from Shaun Mullen and what I think is a pretty accurate picture on how the Democratic primary will end in Texas.  So that’s one.  Now, when we move on to the second link, you gotta understand something; I take what I do here pretty seriously, and for me that not only means working hard and putting a lot of passion into my work, but it also means that when I get called out on the carpet or when I screw up I face the music.  And guest blogger Kathy Kattenburg really does a number on me here… and she’s right.  My bust, and go take a look at the Obama/Canada/NAFTA story that really shouldn’t have been a story at all.

Next up is 13 Martyrs which is an interesting blog, and one of those blogs that I keep telling myself I need to spend more time reading.  It’s an interesting concept; looking at the Muslim world from a wider lens than most of us political wonks typically do.  Sure, there’s plenty of politics, but over at Rob’s site you’ll also find Muslim celebrity gossip and the like.  In a way it’s kind of a portal into the Muslim world specifically taylored for the west.  Here he takes a look into Danish-Muslim tensions, and how some folks can’t even hand someone wearing a hijab

HyerStandard is another recent addition, and just missed last weeks blogroll call because Matt had a story about John Edwards that I felt warranted it’s own post.  This week, I dropped by and saw this post with a video of Dan Abrams kicking Sen. Jack Kingston’s ass on national television.  Truly a beautiful thing to see.

And finally we’re going back in the crates a bit to a longer time resident on the roll; Sadly, No!  I simply couldn’t resist the urge to link to Obama’s administration as a blacksploitation movie. (Snark alert, sarcasm alert, and Chuck D rippin’ up a mic alert)

Well, that’s that.  Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to join our blogroll by dropping a comment in the comment section.

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