Good Time To Be A Democrat

Let’s face it.  Right now the party seems at its breaking point, but last night and today there have been a couple thins that should give us pause to remember that all things considered it’s a good time to be a Democrat.

First, we must return to last night.  There is hardly a way to look at last night’s debate and not feel some pride for the the Democratic party.  Whether you are an Obama supporter or a Clinton supporter, last night stands as a beacon that people of either camps would be happy being represented by both candidates in a general election.

After weeks of infighting amongst the party between Obama and Clinton supporters, the candidates themselves perhaps displayed more leadership last night than during any time when they, by example, showed that it is possible to disagree without going to war.

I have to date said that I would support Obama, and that’s not going to change, but I have also said that if Hillary Clinton was nominated, I would not vote or cast an opposition vote.  Now, I’m not quite so sure.

In any case, we’ll still have our arguments, and many of those will be passionate, and things are more than likely to devolve into ugliness from time to time, but through all of this we should take a little time to remember last night, and that we can get through this.

The other thing to think about is when it comes to fund raising, we are whipping the collective asses of the Republican party.  There are two applications of this knowledge.  The more metaphysical is that the great disparity between what the Democratic candidates are bringing in and the Republicans are bringing in point to a large enthusiasm gap.

Democrats are “fired up and ready to go” while Republicans are still in the same funk of voting for the lesser of now four evils.  When it comes go time later on this year, that’s going to translate into a stronger GOTV movement, and bigger turn out for the Dems.

On the more politically pragmatic side of things, more money means… more money.  That’s more ad buys and campaign events, lawn signs and phone banks.  That’s affording a larger staff, as well as door knockers.  If fund raising remains at this rate, we’re talking about a situation where the Democratic candidate can spend on a ration better than three to one, and it just doesn’t get better than that.

I remain ever wary that Republicans can reclaim the White House, for it is an ever present possiblity.  Romney has more political skill than a lot of folks are willing to give him credit for, and McCain is capable of appealing to swing voters and has inroads to certain areas of the Democratic base.  But if this week is any indicator, I think we have a pretty good shot at taking back the White House.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

One Response to “Good Time To Be A Democrat”

  1. Stephen says:

    I find myself more embarassed than ever by a democratic affiliation. See any of the photos of the NAFTA protest in Mexico yesterday?
    Read about the scum Feinstein supporting amnesty for telecom companies that colluded with Bush to illegally wiretap?
    And the discussion on Healthcare lastnight was a complete joke. The corporate dicksucking that goes on in the Democratic party
    makes them as evil as Republicans.


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