Happy New Year!

So I’ll admit, I don’t really know all that much about Chinese New Year, and after my wife mocked me right before leaving for work, I’m now refusing to study up on the holiday to find out things like why it seems to happen on a different day every year.

What I do know.  It’s the year of the rat.  My two daughters were born in the year of the dog and the ram (Really kinda lucked out here, had my younger daughter been born a year later she would have been in the year of the pig, and really, who wants that hanging over their heads for the rest of their life?), and my wife and I are both serpents, (I know, wicked).

Gung Hay Fat Choy, is supposedly the customary greeting, but in my tiny forays into Chinese, I’ve learned one thing-how you say something matters.  A small tonal difference just might mean the difference between “Happy New Year,” and “Go Stick Your Head In A Pig”.  So please, if you do know someone who celebrates Chinese new year, do the safe thing, just say “Happy New Year”.  That’s what my wife’s family does around me… granted, I can never tell if they like me or not, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you have red, wear it today, it’s good luck.  I won’t be wearing my red shirt today because I’ve put on about fifteen pounds since last it actually fit me, and as a result I look like I should be hanging on a Christmas tree every time I wear it.  I’ll live without the extra good luck.

Also, there is one up and one down to be considered here.  My wife tells me that there are two things you aren’t supposed to do:

Wash your hair.  This sucks when you realize you forgot to wash your hair the day before and because we’re having a freakish warm snap in the dead of winter, you sweated all night and now your hair is kinda stinky and leaves that oily film on your fingers every time you run your hands through it.

On the upside, I’m also not allowed to clean the house today.  WOOT!  No chores for me today!  But especially sweeping, no sweeping today folks, it’s like sweeping away all the good luck for the year.

And so with that out of the way I say to you:

Happy New Year!

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