Immunity for Illegally Spying on Americans?

The debate on the latest, flawed FISA bill is taking place right now. With the Potomac Primaries, the story is flying under the radar and one must wonder whether this was by design.

FDL is providing great coverage of the “FISA Fiasco.” So far, all the amendments by Dodd (no retro immunity for telcos), Feinstein (exclusivity), et al, are being killed by the Republican’s “painless filibusters.”

Harry Reid sent out a memo to the Democratic caucus saying:

If, as appears likely, none of the amendments to strike or modify the provisions of the bill concerning retroactive immunity are adopted, we expect Sen. Reid to oppose cloture and oppose final passage of the bill.

Apparently, that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on as, per a Daily Kos update, cloture has no passed on the flawed legislation by a vote of 69-29.

It appears Dodd will get to filibuster for 4 hours, will then be shut down and the flawed bill will be voted on. Likely to pass.

One Response to “Immunity for Illegally Spying on Americans?”

  1. I just wanted to add something as pointed out at First Draft:

    “Hillary wasn’t there to vote.

    Obama voted to support Dodd.

    McCain voted, of course, with the Republicans, because he’s a maverick-y maverick who bucks the party line”

    thanks for posting this Mac, I don’t think I could have gotten through it without a great deal of colorful language.


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