Is Romney About To Drop Out?

In the beginning, Romney was on pace for a solid presidential campaign.  McCain, particularly after being almost completely sunk by immigration, was a non issue, and with the exception of Giuliani, the rest of the field couldn’t get traction no matter what happened.  As for Giuliani, the high profile figure who was catapulted into the national consciousness due to his performance following 9/11, he was banking on the dynamics of the accelerated primary mitigating the significance of early states, and was focusing on a more national strategy.

Thus, Romney had found his game plan.  Not expending much effort on national recognition, Mitt played the game of retail politics with nearly unmatched zeal, ostensibly to monopolize early headlines with pro Romney stories which would catapult him right past Giuliani in the running.

That’s not how it happened.

The beginning of the end came from Mike Huckabee who managed to jump to prominence in the Republican race in a matter of weeks.  Ultimately, Huck stole Romney’s thunder when he won Iowa and in retrospect significantly disrupted Romney’s game plan, possibly even delivering the fatal wound that took a while to work its way through the system.

You see, this screwed up the media grab he was counting on, and was an absolute must in order for him to be able to cope with the largely unexpected rise of McCain.

Super Tuesday was essentially the last nail in the coffin.  Huckabee, who had isolated Romney from the socially conservative peg blocked Romney from the South, McCain with his broad moderate and independent appeal pulled the big states, and Romney was left only with a few last stand states such as Utah and Colorado.

At this point, the writing is on the wall–Romney’s toast, and according to Byron York, they know it.

We won’t know more until after Romney speaks at CPAC, but apparently a campaign staffer has said, “There have been a lot of discussions going on about whether there is a path to victory, and not wanting to look destructive at what might be the end.”

Any amateur political analyst could tell you that there is no path to victory for the Romney camp right now, which means, unless the Romney camp is really deluding itself, we should be seeing an exit pretty soon.

That just leaves McCain and Huck, and that could go a couple of different ways.  I’ll be interested to see which it is.

(UPDATE) It’s official. (h/t memeorandum)

4 Responses to “Is Romney About To Drop Out?”

  1. Then what choice will the GOP have? a theologian and a fascist LOL

  2. terry says:

    They obviously had a “come to Jesus” meeting to decide what is good for the party today. Did Huckabee not attend??

    This means that the Republicans will have their nominee chosen and will be united and happy by the convention. While the Democrats, again, will be fighting to the bitter end.


  3. RDB: They could always go for Ron Paul…

    Mike: Got it.

    Terry: Of course Huckabee didn’t attend. When he read the “come to Jesus” header of the memo, he thought, ‘Why? We’re already bestest buds. We’re gonna go get a beer later on tonight.”

    But the last part of what you said is dead true. And I think I already posted on this earlier today, but the fate of Democrats can get real ugly. If one of the two candidates does not start pulling away, you’re either going to have a brokered convention which is really going to stir the hornets nest, or you’re going to have a back room deal, and about half the party is going to feel real pissed off about that.

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