It’s Still An Upset, Marc

So I haven’t been reading Marc Ambinder long enough to know if he’s prone to sarcasm or not, so you’ll forgive me if I missed the (/sarc) tags on this post equating Barack’s road to the White House with the upset Superbowl win the New York Giants treated us to last night.

The money graph is right here:

But at some point, Obama has to accept the fact that he has already vanquished the leading lord, that he has surmounted the insurmountable, and that just because he hasn’t won this thing doesn’t mean that Hillary Clinton is still the inevitable frontrunner with unspecified political and geopgraphic advantages.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true yet.  Yes, Hillary is more vulnerable than most people thought she would be at this point, but that’s not to say that Obama has already vanquished her.  Far from it.

Yes, I know recent polling has been great for Obama, and definitely points to a massive amount of momentum in his favor, but let us not forget the lack or reliability of individual polls, specifically last minute polls which resulted in the New Hampshire punditing debacle.

Over the last week, the only thing I trust most polls to tell me is that the race is close, and one still has to consider that at this point Hillary most likely enjoys an organizational advantage over Obama in many key areas, a Super Delegate advantage, and the advantage of higher polling trends than Obama, even in those states where last minute polls put him even or ahead.

Thus, she is still the person to beat in this race, and currently it’s difficult to tell if Obama’s momentum is likely to beat the clock.  So let’s not forget, Obama’s made up a great deal of ground, but he’s still the underdog, and coming up big tomorrow against Hillary is still a considerable upset.

3 Responses to “It’s Still An Upset, Marc”

  1. only a lame would hate satire or sarcasm via offence, especially if they had a working laugh. Lesson being grasshopper, laughing is good period

  2. Mick Arran says:

    What’s the point of handicapping a race when no matter which horse wins it will be ground meat the next day?

  3. One of these days, RDB, remind me to tell you my follies with Jon Swift. I meant to tell the story as a part of B.A.D. but ended up having to work a twelve hour shift and never got around to it.

    Mick: *sigh*


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