Let Me Talk to the Democrats

Republican’s and others please cover your eyes or leave the room…

Are they gone?


I have just one thing to point out and I will continue to do so until this decision is made. Time released a poll this morning that reiterates a common theme here at CfLF, nominate Hillary and you roll the dice with the White House.

Obama captured 48% of the vote in the theoretical match-up against McCain’s 41%, the TIME poll reported, while Clinton and McCain would deadlock at 46% of the vote each.

Put another way, McCain looks at the moment to have a narrowly better chance of beating the New York Senator than he does the relative newcomer from Illinois.

Or put another way:

Obama 48% McCain 41% = Obama wins by landslide margins

Clinton 46% McCain 46% = Toss up

Ok, the Republicans can come back now.

4 Responses to “Let Me Talk to the Democrats”

  1. cavjam says:

    The polling field consists of “likely registered voters.” How nebulous is that?

    While the precept may be true – that Obama wins by more than Clinton – judging by the representative turnouts in the primaries, the real story this winter, one has to conclude that a whole passel of these “likely registered voters” will fail to show up for the Grand Old Putsch come the general.

  2. T. Paine says:

    This poll makes perfect sense. Hillary is the Democrat’s McCain. Her pro-war, anti-liberty voting record make her a “swallow hard” Democrat, as McCain’s pro-choice, pro-amnesty record make him a “swallow hard” Republican.

    The right wing hates Hillary’s guts, especially in the South. Her presence on the ballot would ignite an anti-Hillary groundswell that will cost the Dems several states (in my two-bit opinion). That anti-Hillary vote could cost the Dems the White House.

  3. Mark says:

    Cavjam- If you think Republicans (and a lot of moderates like me) won’t be motivated to show up at the polls to stop Hillary, then you obviously slept through 1994. The main reason she won her Senate seat so handily is that Lazio was one of the worst candidates in history for either party. But had Giuliani not gotten cancer, it would have been extremely close between the two. And as we’ve all seen, Giuliani isn’t the type of candidate who gives people the warm and fuzzies.

    As many have pointed out, Hillary is the one thing that can re-unite the Republican Party.

    I might also add something else – if Hillary is the nominee, do you really want to have her views on executive privilege brought into the middle of the campaign after the last 7 years?

  4. Mike says:

    you are right – Obama destroys anyone the GOP puts in front of him.
    Hill-Bill stokes the fire of the conservitive movement that right now is dieing out

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