I was asked recently how Democrats could possibly expect to make considerable gains in the House and Senate this fall when approval of the Democrat controlled congress was in the teens.

I gave my typical answer.  For one, when people are polled on congress in general, they are not rating those people they voted for, but everyone which is likely to lower their approval of congress in general–they’re not rating who they voted for, but everyone else’s choice as a representative.  The other reason is because the failures of congress are not being seen as a result of being too liberal, but instead in being not liberal enough, and not providing significant levels of accountability on the White House.

There is, however, a third reason I didn’t talk about.

When it comes down to it, Republicans have proven to be the most immature, whiny, cry-baby-ass brats in public service.  I kid you not, and they proved it not once, but twice today.

The first has to deal with Rep. John Conyers motion to hold Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton in contempt of Congress as a result of not answering subpoenas issued to them.  If you’ll remember, these subpoenas were part of an ongoing congressional investigation intended to get to the bottom of possible politicization of the Justice Department and the motive for firing a handful of US Attorneys.

Under unprecedented calls of executive privelege, the White House stonewalled congress every step of the way, culminating in the two former aides ignoring the subpoenas issued.  Conyers, not willing to wait until a new president is sworn into office, has moved to hold the White House accountable now.

And the Republicans seemed none too pleased.

Indeed, their indignance was such that Minority Leader Boehner led his fellow Republicans in a walkout when the House was getting set to vote on Conyers’ motion.  I wonder if Boehner also leaked a tear or two as he stormed off in a hissy.

As bad as that was, it was nothing compared to what happened earlier.  In protest of the same motion, Republicans started calling procedural votes during the service of Rep. Tom Lantos, Democrat and the only holocaust survivor to be elected to the US Congress, who passed on earlier this week.

You want another reason Republicans can expect to lose seats in the Fall?  Because they haven’t made it past the school yard, forget the floor of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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