McCain: International Man Of Principle…

As a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War, John McCain’s plane went down and, with broken limbs he ejected from his cockpit and nearly drowned when he came down in the Truc Bach Lake in Hanoi.  It was from there that he was taken as a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton for over five years before finally being released after the signing of the Paris Peace Accords.

It was this time period, a time during which McCain suffered significant amounts of torture, that supposedly informed the stance he would take decades later on the use of torture by American forces.  He would from time to time recall his own experience when fighting on the senate floor or through speeches to justify why he fought so hard to prevent the legalization of torture and to standardize interrogation techniques under the Army Field Manual.

What happened?

Today, Senator McCain had an opportunity to again prove that he stood by that principle, that he was indeed a Maverick willing to buck the line of his fellow Republicans when he knew them to be wrong.  He did no such thing.

Instead, he voted against an Intelligence bill that included a provision that would restrict all American agencies to the restrictions of the Army Field Manual, as well as ensure that waterboarding was banned.

Did McCain forget about his own experiences?  Or did he simply sell out his principles so that he could finally convince the conservative base of his own party that he was really one of them?

Finally, does this mean that the only thing he is using his experience as a POW is to tell stories at campaign stops?

I have my disagreements with McCain on a lot of things, but when it comes down to it, I’ve always respected the man on behalf of what he sacrificed in the service of his country.  This, however, requires a significant amount of explaining to do, and “Because I want to be president” itsn’t going to cut it.

Big thanks to Cernig for linking in (see everyone, I really am trying to get better at this stuff!).

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