McCain Puts Virginia Away

Unlike the Democratic race in Virginia where Hillary is getting absolutely trounced by Obama, the Republican contest has been neck and neck for an hour and a half after polls closed.

But now, with sixty percent reporting, CNN is declaring John McCain the winner with a narrow three point lead.  The size of the gap is unimportant, however, as McCain still gets awarded all sixty delegates.

Believe it or not, this was something of a must win for McCain who had done quite well on Super Tuesday, but then Huck, who refused to bow out to make way for the presumptive nominee, started coming back with wins in the South that served as something of a slap in the face to McCain.

The message was loud and clear, the conservative base was not uniting behind McCain, and he would never win the south.  Granted, Virginia is only questionably considered the South–it’s the north end of the South–it still serves as a proving ground for John McCain where his mettle has been tested, and he succeeded.

2 Responses to “McCain Puts Virginia Away”

  1. Dynamic says:

    A darn shame too… I’d been looking forward to at least one Huck win tonight to keep the thing going.

    Huck’s going to stay in it, but it’s going to look a lot less doable without Virginia.

  2. Well, I was kinda rooting for Romney mainly because my stepdad is a Romney fan.

    It’s like the niners and the chargers. I”m a niners fan, but if they aren’t playing the niners, I’ll root for the chargers cuz my parents are fans.

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