Moment Of Silence

Before we recommence our usual discussion on politics for the day, I just wanted to offer a quick moment of silence. Last night, as some voters were heading to the polls to select their party’s nominee, tornadoes ripped through Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas, leaving at least 45 dead, and 100 more injured.  It is times like these where we are reminded of how human we are, how so much is beyond our control and no matter how far we progress, we will always be at the mercy of nature’s will.

But though we can’t forever avoid the tragedy of nature’s whims, it is how we come together afterwards that defines who we are as a people.  My deepest condolences and hopes for the victim’s and their families last night.  If anyone knows of any kind of relief fund getting set up, I would greatly appreciate you leaving the details in the comments section.  If I find anything out, I’ll keep you updated.

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