More Than A Slap In The Face

On the surface, David Wilhelm’s endorsement of Barack Obama may seem like little more than a slap in the face to the Clinton campaign.  Wilhelm, a former DNC chair, and Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign manager doesn’t come with the kind of Ohio creds as Hillary endorsers like John Glenn.  He doesn’t have the star power of a Kennedy endorsement, or an Edwards endorsement.

But there is an aspect to Wilhelm that makes his promise to do whatever the Obama campaign wants so much more than a slap in the face.

Specifically, he may not bring the same organizational strength that Ohio Governor Ted Strickland brings, but what he does bring, as The Swamp points out, is an unmatched lay of the political landscape in Ohio, and a deep understanding of how the Democratic party there works:

He also brings a strategic knowledge of the political landscape in Ohio, a general-election swing state that is set to play an equally crucial role in the Democratic nominating process when it holds its primary on March 4. A year ago, the Ohio Democratic Party hired Wilhelm to “audit” its operations and recommend improvements to maintain the political gains Democrats scored in the Buckeye State in 2006.

Strickland told a reporter last year that Wilhelm “talked to scores of people, maybe hundreds, about messaging technology, management, fund raising – everything the state party should be doing to be successful. He brought me a number of recommendations which we are in the process of implementing.”

Now, Obama will presumably get those as well. Wilhelm said he’s already advised the campaign on advertising and superdelegate courting. “I’ll do whatever the campaign asks me to do,” he said today.

Oh, and did I mention he’s a super delegate too?

Granted none of this guarantees anything, but in the task Obama has set before him in regards to breaking down Hillary’s firewall, Wilhelm may prove to be a very nice tool to have.

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  1. JGB says:

    The change you will get from Obama is the change left in your pocket after he taxes you off your face, the influx of untold numbers of illegals, a weakened military, socialism that will break the country and steal your individual rights. All he has is the gift of gab with no substance or experience to support it. It baffles me that people would even consider electing an individual with no experience at running or operating any entity let alone a huge complicated government. Take off your blinders and see!

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