More Than Prayers

Photo  55 dead so far.  150 wounded

In cases of tragedy, you might have noticed something about me.  It’s subtle, but I’ll let you in on a little secret; I never offer prayer.  I never say “my prayers” with so and so, and I never will despite the fact that that is what you are supposed to say whether you actually pray or not.  The problem for me is that, prayer isn’t action.  Prayer doesn’t bring clean water to a ravaged area, medical attention to those barely clinging on to life, or shelter to those who have lost their homes.

So it troubles me a little when folks like, say, the president place prayer above action.

When I first wrote about this, I promised to post some information on disaster relief when I could, and to this end I’m going to largely defer to Monkeyfister who is attempting to start a blogswarm in an effort to harness the netroots in providing aid to the region ripped apart by tornadoes.

Over at his blog, MF has contact information for both the Mid-South chapters of the American Red Cross and the United Way.  I urge you, hell, I’ll beg ya, to chip in some change in their direction.  This is part ofwhat being American is about–that idea that no matter how much we disagree, when one part of our family is in need, we put our differences aside and we help them out.  This is one of those times.

I also want to really express my respect for Monkeyfister who is really plugging away and making a difference here.  Keep it up.

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  1. Monkeyfister says:


    Here’s a rough update on the status of the Blog Swarm for Mid-South Tornado Relief…

    I’m shocked, awed, and overwhelmed tonight!

    At least a HUNDRED blogs from every aspect of the political spectrum have taken part in this swarm of goodness. I want to take a moment to thank Chuck Adkins, a blogger at the Town Hall Blog Community and other places for picking up my plea, and spreading it far and wide through the Conservative ‘sphere. He’s right– this isn’t about politics, but I had to somewhere.

    It will be days before I get everyone thanked properly. But, I’m starting right now, and every day, I will post another set of Thank Yous, until either my fingers fall off and my eyes go blind, or I get to the end of the list. Let’s hope for the latter.

    In the past 24-hours, we raised between $13,000 (minimum) to somewhere in the neighborhood of $92,000 for the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Mid-South Chapter of United Way.

    I thank each and every one of you who participated in this immense act of Kindness– Bloggers and Donors alike. We made an enormous difference between HOPE and Despair today.

    Damn, I’m proud of you all. I’ve never been so impressed and touched like this in my life. If there is a Statistician in the house, I’d LOVE for you to put the calipers on my numbers.

    You can see how I derived this large range-spread at my place:


    I don’t think that I am far off.

    PLEASE pass this around, as there is no way in hell that I can reach everyone who has participated in this action in any sensible way.

    All of my love, and two scoops of IOU to each and every one of you.

    Your Friend, Fan and Admirer,


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