MoveOn Backs Obama

After watching the Democratic contest from the very beginning, weaving its way through all of the storylines that have progressed through the year has been an ongoing narrative of Barack Obama slowly catching up with Hillary Clinton.  Adding complications to this is the accelerated primary schedule which has strangely brought the convergence of the two candidate trends down to the wire in most cases.

Now, with Super Tuesday looming, an all too familiar trend has reared its ugly head again.  In recent polls, Obama has drawn to near even with Hillary Clinton, but there’s still daylight and election day is almost upon us.  In this context, it’s going to take everything and anything to push him over the line.

MoveOn is going to at least help with the pushing.

Per Matt Stoller (this is real weird…) after holding a broad online “election” the high profile Lib/Dem movement has declared they are on Obama’s side.   Like so many spoils up for grabs in the course of an election, this is a mixed bag.  Against Obama is the fact that MoveOn doesn’t have the best image in the political world and especially during a general election will definitely be used against him to paint him as a “liberal”.

Solace can be had in knowing that this will happen anyway.

Thus MoveOn becomes a much bigger boon as the mobility and enthusiasm of the group is something to be admired and just the thing that may tip the scales in Obama’s favor at least in the realm of on the ground organization.  There is still the press battle to be won, but that will do what it does.

For now, things in camp Obama are looking up, and I’m okay with that.

One Response to “MoveOn Backs Obama”

  1. Bill Samuel says:

    Well, their leadership decided and then rigged a vote to support it. They knew that they couldn’t get their 2/3 vote for it, so they simply prevented members with positions other than for Obama or Clinton from voting. 91% of their members did not vote. Only 6.2% voted to endorse Obama.

    What about MoveOn members who favor Ron Paul? Not allowed to vote. Favor Cynthia McKinney? Not allowed to vote? Favor Mike Gravel? Not allowed to vote? Favor Ralph Nader? Not allowed to vote. Favor someone else? Not allowed to vote. Favor no endorsement? Not allowed to vote.

    From its inception, the purpose of MoveOn has been to support establishment Democrats against threats from both the right and left. This has not changed. Ignore their campaign of massive deception.

    They claim to be anti-war and progressive. Putting aside their campaign last year for continued funding of the Iraq War, which enraged many of their members, let’s look at Obama. He has repeatedly voted to fund the Iraq War, he states that he might keep U.S. troops in Iraq throughout his term in office, his official campaign position is for a larger military budget and larger active duty forces, and he has never supported one position that would be a significant change. He has no legitimate claim to being either anti-war or progressive. He is the quintessential establishment candidate.

    For more on the MoveOn fiasco, see MoveOn’s 6.2% Landslide at

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