And the winner is…

Barack Obama.  (All apologies, MSNBC doesn’t have the actual story up yet, just the breaking news banner).

Twenty minutes after the polls closed, Obama is declared the winner of Wisconsin, leading one to believe it will be at a minimum a considerable lead.  That brings the streak up to 9 straight states in a row with Hawaii looking to be number 10.

There really isn’t a better trajectory heading into Texas than here.

UPDATE: Courtesy Captain Ed.  “8:18 – Barack Obama will win big in Wisconsin, it seems. He won men by 61%-35% and women by 51%-49%.”

UPDATEII: With 8% reporting, CNN is showing Obama with an eleven point lead.  We’ve got every reason to believe that Obama will continue to hold at a minimum a low double digit lead throughout the night–possibly higher if the exit polling data we saw earlier this evening holds to be true.  This is pretty significant, especially given that most polls had Senator Clinton only losing by a low single digit gap.  Some even had her up.

The result?  Tough to say, the Clinton campaign has left sanity ages ago, but again, and I can’t hammer this idea home enough.  Get out there, drop the negative attacks, but really, it’s looking like there’s little place for her to go.  Had she stayed out of the state, she could have played it off as yet another loss due to the fact that she didn’t play there, but that avenue is no longer available to her.  She can’t spin it any other way.  She tried, he won handily.

Look for Obama to start addressing McCain even more directly in the coming weeks, possibly dipping to deflect what will likely be even nastier Clintonian attacks, but at the same time standing up to fully accept the mantle of the Democratic frontrunner.  Meanwhile I encourage the Clinton campaign to ease off the attacks, get back on policy, get back on old fashioned door to door political ground game.

She’s not going to do that though, and I would expect the attacks to get even more vicious in the next two weeks as she attempts to shore up Ohio and Texas, both states which have recently shown hints that they may start tipping towards Obama.  If she does get more vicious, I think we’re going to see another blowback situation like we saw in Wisconsin today, and that would really be the equivalent of digging one’s own grave.

2 Responses to “MSNBC CALLS IT….”

  1. Dynamic says:

    And Hawai’i goes for Obama as well! Both states went by big margins, and Obama nearly edged out Hillary’s core support group of white women, 49% to her 51%, that’s huge… he’s taken her base and incorporated it into his own.

    I think this spells the end for Team Clinton.

  2. I think you may be right. Just getting up. I know he won hawaii last night, but at that opint I was sleep walking.

    Should be a fun day of blogging.

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