My How Things Have Changed

I still remember looking at polling data a few months ago and thinking to myself, “Great jebus how on earth can anyone overcome the kind of lead that Hillary’s got?”  We’re leads in the thirties in state polls, national polls with even her fellow top-tier candidates nowhere remotely close to her.

It’s interesting how things have changed.  A new CBS Poll shows Obama with a commanding lead nationally, 54-38.  As for the veracity of those numbers, I’ve seen a couple other surveys recently that show Obama up by as large a margin, on the other hand that’s a pretty big surge over existing trends.  Still, even if CBS is off by a skosh, you gotta admit as recent as a couple months ago few people would have predicted where the race would eventually lead to.

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  1. Angellight says:

    As some would have you to belive, it is untrue that blacks are voting for Obama because he is black, (like some women are voting for Hillary because she is a woman) hence they did not vote for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. They are voting for Obama, like most Americans, because he represents and inspires Hope and a Change of “nothing” getting done to “legislation” finally getting passed. It’s Transformational and our Renaissance Moment!

    Barack Obama had a Tripple Whammy thrown at him with the throwing out of his middle name in a negative way, accompanied by a picture of Obama dressed in Somali garb, at the same time being endorsed by Farrakhan this is the worst kind of politics, its called “Swift Boating”, which in reality is an assisination of character insinuating that Barack is a Muslin, even though he’s not. It’s a Political Katrina Moment! I hope Americans of Good Will will not allow Camp Clinton and the Republicans to Swift-boat Barack like the Republicans did Kerry, turning a war hero into a deserter. And too, Obama can be of use to America by addressing the need of some to “clerverly” sow divisions and to exploit our differences, instead of building on that which unites us. “The world can use him too, with his reach to the Muslim nations and his middle name making it impossible for the US to walk away from one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in history. A restructuring of this overall policy is due after the demolition of the World Trade Towers. Some people think it’s cool to be cynical. They deride those who show overt respect, admiration, and optimism. Those who still believe they can make a difference. Those who know they have power. This campaign has proven that cruelty is no longer desired as political style in the United States. The people now have a choice. A choice between magnifying the negatives or using the positives. I will say this. Obama has the potential to be one of the greats, but only if the people participate in molding his leadership. That’s the task at hand. He, himself, invites others to recognize his faults not letting them interfere with the work. You can see how the people’s support has molded him already in his quick evolution from weak debating events to the beautiful, strong, elegant, debate he delivered last night..” From: Blogger, J.M., Raging Universe.

    As a nation, we cannot afford to continue to alienate our allies and friends in the Middle East by insinuating that to have the name Hussein means that you are evil, a terrorist, or are to be feared. Do we really want to Convey that? We have to remember, it was not Sadam Hussein who bombed us on 911, though some would have you to think that. And, there are many good and decent people with the name Hussein all around the world and especially in the Middle East, some of which have been our allies such as King Jordan Hussein. To continue to ridicule and fear the name Hussein, will only continue to incite hatred and hostility, with the result of no end of wars in sight. America the world is watching and we must decide as a nation what we are going to do. Realize that Clinton is a Fighter while Obama is a Uniter! America is only as strong and good as her leaders and politicians. America is finding her Soul!

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