Narrowing The Gap

There seems to be no shortage of good news for Obama supporters, and recent polls only seem to continue the trend.  The major story?  After months of suffering a huge defecit in the polls at the hands of Hillary Clinton, Senator Obama is finally narrowing the gap.

Nationally, Gallup has just released it’s latest installment of daily polls that began a month ago, and what we see is Hillary and Barack now within three points of each other.  In a 44-41 point lead in Hillary’s favor, we are now at the narrowest margin seen by the poll since it began, and while there is nothing conclusive quite yet, support for Edwards seems to be breaking in Obama’s favor.

It should be noted, however, that tomorrow’s results will be a little more conclusive in this final area once the three day polling averages do not reflect public opinion with Edwards still in the race.

Meanwhile, in delegate rich New Jersey, an interesting poll shows the gap between Hillary and Barack narrowing down to only six points, putting the once safe Hillary state in play.

Thus we have an interesting situation going into Super Tuesday, massive momentum vs. a narrowing advantage.

Look, no one who knows politics should be fooling themselves at this point, Hillary is poised to cash in on Tuesday, but all Obama has to do is keep the momentum going and prevent her from getting too far ahead.  Once Super Tuesday is over, it’s back to retail politics which Obama has proven to be good at, and if the narrative after Tuesday becomes “Obama did better than expected”, that’s a great springboard to jump from going into the final stretch.

In any case, there is still a long road to go down, and Obama is going in the right direction.

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