Not Like It Mattered

So old Turncoat Joe lost his Super Delegate status.  I know, it’s funny, and I’ll forgive you some hysterical laughter given I myself almost had to change my pants when I found out, but in the greater scheme of things does this matter?

As far as the primary race goes, of course it doesn’t.  I mean, I suppose he MAY have cast a vote for Hillary if they handed him a spot on the roster given that she’s a little more neoconservative than her opponent.  But in truth, one vote, and not a guarantee that it would even be cast equates to nothing at all.

Now, this could mean yet another step along LIEberman’s path towards getting his Republican membership card, but again, given which side of the fence he’s been falling on lately, it’s not as though this matters very much either.

Gosh… That means there’s just not a whole lot about Joe that really does matter, doesn’t it?

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