Obama Crushing Clinton In Maine

I’ve replaced my fact checker and now have it on pretty reliable sources that, with 79% of the caucuses reporting, Obama leads Clinton 58% to 40% in TODAY’S Democratic caucuses in Maine.

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  1. Dynamic says:

    Considering Maine was supposed to be Hillary’s stronghold to help her get through these next few weeks, the fact that Obama crushed her in a landslide every bit as big as the ones he generated yesterday doesn’t bode well for her campaign.

    She may be poo-poohing this week or two of contests before Texas and Ohio, but Giuliana thought her could lose all the little contests before the big states too, and look where that got him.

  2. Yeah, even though it’s only a little over twenty delegates, this is huge because it signifies that the Obama momentum is severe, and it’s likely to seriously impact those states that Hillary is waiting for.

    Anyway, thanks for covering this–I’m wiped after attending the Obama rally and you really chose about the best time to step up and do the reporting.

  3. Dynamic says:

    ^^^^ Obama rally? Hope to see a post about that soon.

    Incidentally, Obama is so inspiring he’s got a British friend of mine involved in his campaign: http://kniteforce.wordpress.com/

  4. I’m totally wiped from this evening, but I’m going to lead off with that tomorrow morning. Hopefully some new friends of mine will email me their pics.

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