Obama Now Odds On Favorite to Win U.S. Election

If you follow Chris Matthews at all you will know that he is virtually obsessed with the “Irish betting odds” aka. the international gambling odds for who will become the next POTUS. Well, if this is any indication we should hear some rumblings from the MSNBC pudit tonight.

It may not be by much but Democratic hopeful Barack Obama is an ever so slight favorite over his opponent Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States among oddsmakers. This is the first time that the Junior Senator out of Illinois has been listed as the favorite to win.

His odds were at +100 compared to Hillary Clinton’s +110. Essentially this means that if someone were to bet $1.00 on Barack Obama to win the election, they would receive $1.00 back in return. Clinton would yield $1.10, which is the typical underdog spread offered in American Football and Basketball.

Bookmaker.com posted these odds late Wednesday following the big Super Tuesday showdown. The online betting firm is the oldest established North American facing bookmaker operating offshore since 1985 as part of the BetCRIS organization. They are the largest in terms of bet volume, catering to both professionals and recreational bettors.

3 Responses to “Obama Now Odds On Favorite to Win U.S. Election”

  1. T. Paine says:

    Two weeks ago, Chris Matthews gave his “power list” of most likely next presidents. I think it was:

    1. Clinton
    2. Romney
    3. Obama
    4. McCain

  2. Funny how that is currently upside down. I rechecked the odds today and Obama is widening the gap.

    Go to the sportsbook link and click through to US Politics. http://www.bookmaker.com/sportsbook.aspx

  3. Actually I think that Obama would make a better President than Clinton. Clinton would face a negative reaction from the Arab and Persian community because of their attitude toward women.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Obama even though he’s Christian probably speaks fluent Farsi.


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