Obama Still Winning The Fundraising Race

The Clinton campaign would initially seem to have some real good news to announce today; the camp has is on track to raise $35 million dollars by the close of business tomorrow.

That’s a considerable sum by any measure, and would equate to significantly more than a million dollars a day.  It’s much welcomed news especially considering that not recently there has been rumors that the Clinton campaign was going broke, and Hillary had had to loan $5 million out of her own pocket.

There’s a downside to all of this, though; the Obama campaign is outstripping her by a “considerable” margin.

I want to say it was a week ago that I caught the sum of $54 million as what the Obama camp expected to take in for the month of February, a sum that would come close to $2 million a day.  But that number was a projection a week out; there’s no telling where it’s at now.

The ultimate significance, though, is simple.  If he’s outraising her by considerable sums, the enormity of what Hillary is pulling in is somewhat mitigated.  Some of this money goes to bare bones necessities; paying staffers, transporation, accomodations, etc.  But a good deal of this money is actually sent off to battle, so to speak.  It’s analogous to ammunition.

The Hillary camp is fighting for its life right now, and can’t afford to lose just about any state, but specifically the big ones.  What the financial advantage that Obama has does is it allows him to force Hillary to drop more money up front.  He can outspend her, and in order for her to survive, she has to do what she can to match his spending just to stay competative.

Thus, even if Hillary survive’s March 4th, she’ll have to compensate for a serious drag on her campaign finances while Obama gets to move on with still well stocked coffers.  In other words, the fact that she’s losing the money race too means that the uphill struggle Hillary has before her is even steeper than previously thought.

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