Obama’s Good Weekend

In a race that is as tightly contested as the one we see on the Democratic side of the house, anything, and I do mean anything, can tilt the scales irrevocably in the favor of one candidate or another.  In the weeks to come, we may look back upon this past weekend as just such an occurrence.

This is how the calculus was supposed to play out.  Obama was going to take most of the states in February after Super Tuesday, and then Hillary was supposed to make it all back up in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  That was the shorter version, but as I mentioned in this piece, the major flaw in that math is that it didn’t seem to take into account the severity of momentum and the effect it would have on later states.

Still, I was not ready to say that Obama had it in the bag, there were still some significant question marks left to account for.  One of those was maine, a state that the Washington Post predicted would go to Hillary Clinton as a result of high turnout from women.  Maine, though only meting out twenty-four delegates, was significant not in the delegate hunt but more as a rough indicator on the magnitude of Obama’s momentum as well as its ability to allow him to overtake deficits in unfriendly states.

If he could manage to beat Hillary in the only state she was favored to win in a five day period, not only would that add to his momentum, but at the same time prove that his momentum has the potential to provide upsets in the later states that Hillary is expected to win.

And boy howdy did he win Maine.  With 99% reporting, Obama dominated in Maine with a 19 point lead over Clinton.  The funny bit is, compared to the 30+ point routes Obama delivered on Saturday, a 19 point margin seems a little lacking.  Landslides are turning into the mundane with Obama.

Thus not only did Obama sweep the weekend, he did so handily.  Meanwhile, Clinton has already begun a campaign shakeup that some have seen coming for a while now as she has failed to put the upstart away or even put any appreciable distance between them.  Her campaign manager Patti Solis has now been replaced by Maggie Williams.

Nor would the realm of caucuses and primaries the only place where Obama beat a Clinton, but also in the world of entertainment.  Last night, Barack Obama beat out both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for the Spoken Word Grammy for his audio performance of the book Audacity of Hope

All of this is driving him to tomorrow, the Chesapeake primaries where yours truly will cast his vote for the next president of the United States, and I have to tell you it couldn’t look better for him.  He’s heavily favored to win all three, Maryland, DC, and Virginia, and in the case of the latter, I guarantee a strong win.

Take it to the bank.

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