Of Course She’s Ignoring Them

Anne Korblut makes mention in the Washington Post today that after suffering stunning defeats in the three primaries yesterday, Hillary Clinton has taken to pretending they didn’t exist.  Instead, she showed up in Texas, and painted a heavy picture as though the campaign was really starting today.

It was an interesting speech she delivered last night, one during which Anne noted that Clinton was actually booed at one point, but overall felt less like another event in a long slog, and more like a candidacy announcement.  With a raspy voice, Clinton declared the Texas campaign began today–the implication being that all of the events before, all the states lost, all the expectations being lowered and still not met, none of it really happened.

Of course she did this…

Back in 1992, America assembled its first “Dream Team”, a basketball team that carried with it living legends, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, and Charles Barkley.  It was a juggernaut the likes of which the sporting world had never seen before, and America was sending them to the Olympics.  There was never any question whatsoever that they would come in and obliterate the competition, and in fact one sports magazine at the time ran through plausible scenarios in which the dream team might not win the gold, the most plausible one being that half the team got stuck on the golf course and forgot they were actually there to play ball.

But as they approached the finals, there was a change in tone, Croatia’s team, led by Tony Kukoc, was turning some heads, and the burgeoning narrative was that Kuk would lead perhaps the only real challenge against the best America had to offer.  Indeed, the talk was enough to get any fan of the Dream Team a little nervous, especially after a string of victories where it didn’t even look like there was another team on the floor.

But in the end, the dream team ran the score up on Croatia just like they had run it up on everyone else; 117-85.  My point?  When the dust settled, there was nothing to say.  Just as Croatia was billed to give America a run for its money and failed spectacularly, so too was Hillary supposed to at least give Obama a run for his money, and ended up losing by a shocking thirty point margin.

She can’t say she didn’t campaign there because she did.  She can’t say it was because Obama won only his demographic strongholds because he managed to beat her in just about every category going.  She can’t use the caucus excuse.  She can’t say anything…

…except, maybe, “I would like to congratulate Senator Obama for kicking my ass.”

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  1. mick says:

    You’re gloating.

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