Every great once in a while, and when I say that I mean this on very rare occasions, I get a little bit proud of Democrats, and have to admit they might have done their jobs.  For this, I’ll even give Nancy Pelosi a little credit for standing firm and not being forced by the politics of fear into passing into law a bill approved by the Senate which would provide, among other things, retroactive immunity for telecom companies who passed on private information to the government, as well as continuing the process of warrantless wiretapping.

Money quote:

The main sticking point is a provision in the Senate bill that provides legal immunity for telecommunications companies that, at the Bush administration’s request, cooperated in providing private data after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Many House Democrats oppose that immunity.

Surveillance efforts will not cease when the law lapses. Administration intelligence officials said agencies would be able to continue eavesdropping on targets that have already been approved for a year after the initial authorization. But they said any new targets would have to go through the more burdensome standards in place before last August, which would require that they establish probable cause that an international target is connected to a terrorist group.

Shudder!  Gasp!  You mean now intelligence agencies will have to, you know, follow the law, and adhere to judicial and constitutional principles?  Holy crap that must mean we’re all in some serious trouble.

At least that is the general gist if one is to listen to the president and his Republican allies in congress.  Come midnight tonight when these provisions expire, we’re all going to be in far greater danger from being hit by another 9/11, and it will be all the Democrats’ fault.

Personally, if I were a congressional Dem, I would support calling up the president and congressional goppers at 12:01 am tomorrow morning and asking, “HAVE WE BEEN HIT YET?!  ARE WE ALL DEAD?!  IS THIS HEAVEN OR HELL?!”  But then, antics like that would make us just as immature as Republicans.

Screw it, I say do it anyway.

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