Phony Effort by Bush to Bring Cedibility to Pakistan’s Gamed Election

The Washington Post has a must read on the last minute efforts of the Bush administration to add some fake credibility to Monday’s coming parliamentary elections in Pakistan.

The short of it — the Bushies threw together a team of monitors at the last second despite the norm that legitimate and objective monitoring begins before the preeletion campaign.

Bush knows real, long-term monitoring would have embarrassed Musharaff and seems to have realized no monitoring will embarass both Bush & Musharaff.  So he opted for the least, worst option.  Securing last second, but ineffective monitoring.

Bush, McCain and Republicans in general really don’t support true democracy.  They only support creating a sufficient, but false, appearance of democracy that will enable their tyranical buddies to stay in power.

2 Responses to “Phony Effort by Bush to Bring Cedibility to Pakistan’s Gamed Election”

  1. Justin says:

    Its good to know that America still has enough credibility to be considered for this impartial foreign task. The funny thing is that our “tyranical buddies” aren’t really our buddies at all, they’re the closest thing we’ve got to an ally in that region.

  2. so Bush is in Bed with Bin Ladden, oops i mean the general, mean the president. LOL. speaking of which, wanna laugh? aint that a bomber or an iceberg?

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