Prat of the Day

Larry C. Johnson for repeating this crap.

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  1. There he goes again.

    You know, I have a new mindset. Let them talk. It just solidifies the point that Obama is the man to beat. Not just in the Dem race, but in the GE too.

    I mean really, is that all they got “He’s Way too inspirational!”

    Second, this whole doomsday, “ZOMG He can’t handle the VRWC!!!11!!” The Clintons tried going negative against him and got bit hard, very hard. I got a feeling Obama’s kinda got the Muhammed Ali rope-a-dope/Bruce Lee “be like water” thing going on. The harder his opponents try to hit him, the more damage they do themselves.

    I mean, stop to think for a second, imagine, general election debate; John McCain v. Barack Obama, and McCain loses it and launches into one of his famous tirades. Obama would tilt his head back, his eyes would narrow, and at the end just say, “Are you done John?”

    And yeah, he would be.

  2. Seth says:

    I think he does have a point that Obama will get seriously attacked once the Democrats elect someone but it shouldn’t matter. Both Obama and Clinton are superior to all of the opposition and the Republicans drove themselves so deep into the ground by blindly following Bush that I can’t imagine a Republican winning the general election.

    In 2004 I felt the elections were “who is worse Kerry or Bush?” and now we’re faced with “who is better Obama or Clinton”. Regardless of the outcome, we’re in a better position.

  3. Kevin Hayden says:

    Of course Obama will come under serious attack, if he wins the nomination. Lots of dogwhistles, too. But independents have clearly favored him over McCain and Clinton pretty steadily. And if he can outdo the tough Clinton team, he can beat McCain.

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