Protecting The Crooks

When I first heard of Wikileaks late last year, I was in general pretty skeptical.  I of course applaud any and all methods of leaking documents that could unearth unethical and illegal behavior from both corporations and our government, but at the same time I worried about the veracity of the sources, and was wary of the vetting processes that would be available for such a site.

But apparently there was something good going on at Wikileaks… good enough to get the site shut down by a Judge in San Francisco.

The fate of the whistleblower site found itself at the will of the court thanks to Julius Baer Bank and Trust, a company whose own confidential documents found their way on the site thanks to an anonymous source.

The Judge, Judge Jeffrey, has set up what is likely to be a First Ammendment challenge by ordering the site shut down.  But don’t worry folks, thanks to Judge White’s lack of knowledge of the seven internets, you can still access the site through one of its many mirror sites.

Here’s the funny thing.  The bit of information that Julius Baer didn’t want let out; “asset hiding, money laundering and tax evasion”… oh my.

My question: Okay, Julius Baer had their day in court, now when do they get their day in court for being a bunch of crooks?

UPDATE: Thanks to Damozel of Buck Naked Politics for linking in.

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