Really Bad Timing

Today, the story is already playing out, Hillary Clinton lost Virginia, and considering this projection is being made based on exit polls, it is going to be a heavy loss.  On top of that Virginia is the one state of the three that she had even a glimmer of hope at winning, and so the Obama streak continues.

Beyond this, we have Wisconsin, again many folks are suggesting that Wisconsin is going to go for Obama, as should Hawaii.

This has set the stage for Texas and Ohio to serve as something like a last stand for the one time soaring frontrunner.  This considered, it may have been slightly bad timing for Hillary to have fired her campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle.

What makes Texas so friendly to Hillary is the high populatio of Hispanics; a demographic that has thus far voted appreciably in Hillary’s favor.  But the change out of Solis Doyle has apparently upset a few folks in the Latino community:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in trouble and the highest ranking Hispanic in her camp is paying the price. Campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle stepped down this weekend – after Barack Obama beat Clinton handily in four states scattered in different regions of the country.


There is an old saying from the factory floor – last hired, first fired. This practice is sadly well known to African Americans and Latinos, who have had to fight to gain access to jobs and opportunities, and struggle just as hard to hold on to them without the safety nets of a social network or seniority in status.

Clinton has worked hard for the Hispanic votes she has won so far in this tight race, and it would be a mistake to risk alienating that base.

The fire of this flame fanned by Latino Super Delegate Steven Ybarra who was none too pleased to find out that Solis Doyle had been fired.  I’m with Ron in that it is beyond possibility that Hillary Clinton fired her campaign manager based on race–it’s simply not true.  However, it is also true that Hillary Clinton has played identity politics left and right through this campaign, and when you live by the ID politics, you die by the ID politics.

What’s worse is that as we discussed earlier today, her hold on Texas is most definitely suspect and susceptible to change.  It’s not going to help her bring in Texas if she just managed to up and piss of the Latino vote.

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