Richardson Could Endorse In Coming Days?

Does anyone really care?

Sure you do, Richardson almost broke into the top tier of Democratic challengers at one point.  So what if almost never actually did, and this late in the came most of Richardson’s former supporters not only voted by now, but those that didn’t have probably already picked a new candidate at this point?  It doesn’t mean that his coming endorsement is insignificant, right?

In truth, I think his endorsement will count for little, though depending on who he chooses to endorse there may be some small measurable effect.  If it’s Hillary, you may get a little bump in the polls for Hillary which may allow her to hold back Obama at least a day or so.  If it’s for Obama, there’s a possibility that this may help him in wooing the Latino vote in Texas.

But we don’t know who Richardson will endorse, and to be honest, I can’t even predict.  There’s no signaling going on, we don’t have any close friends leaking out that Richardson will side with one remaining candidate or the other.  Hell, Richardson has also said that he may not endorse and stay neutral.  All of this leading me to wonder, is he just trying to remind us that he still exists?

If so, hey Bill!  We still see you! We know you’re still alive!  Now either endorse someone or keep your head out of the headlines because no one really cares!

Okay, I think that might have done the trick.

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