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It’s quite possible that my growing disdain for “progressive” blogger and radio talk show host Taylor Marsh might have crept its way through into my writing here and there.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily because she’s a Hillary supporter.  I can live with someone who supports Clinton; it’s the sheer venomous hypocrisy, distortion, and outright intellectual dishonesty that she employs on a regular basis that really digs in under my fingernails.

Believe me, there are times when I want to drop some nasty bombs on Hillary Clinton, but I don’t.  I employ restraint, believe it or not, because on the whole my integrity still matters to me a great deal and I don’t want to look back upon this time and just be ashamed of myself.

Taylor seems to not hold that same sentiment.

Now keep in mind that Taylor has accused Obama and his folks of everything under the sun, including using right wing talking points to slather mud over Hillary Clinton.  My question is, where does that put Marsh on the hypocrisy scale if she actually gives Rush Limbaugh the quote of the day?

Political quote of the day (rough transcript from today’s show):

“At some point (Barack Obama) is going to have to go beyond platitudes. … .. (Or) maybe somebody saying nothing better than anyone has ever said nothing before can become president. It’s possible. – Rush Limbaugh

And Kevin Drum wants to know where all the “shallow” accusations are coming from.

Okay, so I imagine there’s an outside possibility that Marsh might be quoting Rush to make fun of him later as so many of us do, but given her past history of accute Obama Derangement Syndrome, I’m going to go ahead and apply Occum’s Razor to this one and say that that’s not the case.

Keep in mind two things.  I’m not twisting anything around and saying Taylor Marsh is using Right Wing Talking Points.  I’m not taking a valid attack, dropping it out of context, or anything like that.  The other is that this woman is listed off to the right under our Advertise Liberally blogroll.

And she’s apparently a Dittohead.  Very nice.

As far as empty platitudes are concerned, we’ve already been through this a hundred times, and I’ll go through it a hundred times more; there’s actual substance underneath all that style, and like most candidates, if you want the substance, you head on over to the website and read the platform.  Or, you could read Matt Yglesias (again) to understand that it IS possible to deliver a powerful and inspiring speech while at the same time have the foundation of a solid and substantive platform.

They aren’t mutually exclusive folks.

8 Responses to “Right Wing Talking Points”

  1. Did you read what GWB said about Obama, saying he said :he wanted to attack Pakaistan

  2. Ernest says:

    Another good post about Obama accomplishments by hylzoy


  3. RDB: You know, I had read that Bush had started attacking Obama directly, but I never read what with. However, I don’t recall Obama ever saying he wanted to attack Pakistan. I do remember him saying that if Pakistan chose not to do anything about OBL, eventually the US would have to do something, or something of that nature. But outright attack Pakistan? Nah.

    Ernest: Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out, hopefully, when I get a little more time.

  4. plum says:

    There’s also Larry Johnson at noquarterusa.net/blog. Once a staunch defender of Amb Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, now ODS has driven him to write Marsh-like post after Marsh-like post. One is a sad attempt at comedy at the expense of the Obama “cult”, ending with this classy line:

    “We loves us some Bama.”

  5. plum says:

    Here’s the link

    He and co-blogger SusanUnPC appear to take turns at double-teaming Obama.

  6. Yeah. Mike was telling me that Johnson’s ODS is pretty damn bad too. And to think, we actually advertised there not too terribly long ago.

  7. ODS is, like the older form more commonly known as CDS, a truly sad and dangerous thing, as Johnson and Marsh demonstrate. Too bad. Sanity is a fragile mistress.

  8. BD:

    First, you should have told me you blogrolled us… I’m all in the blogroll sharing experience, and I’m more than happy to return the favor now that I know.

    Second, you literally no shit have a blog dedicated to the whackjob commentors at Taylor Marsh! That is insane, and awesome. Not only are you going on the roll, but you’re going to be featured in next weeks blogroll call, so make sure you get yourself a winner.

    As for both ODS and CDS, they’re both offshoots of BDS which I know how bad that gets considering I’m a chronic sufferer of it. Literally, between listening to nails on a chalkboard, chewing tinfoil, and listening to Bush speak, I would do the first two at the same time if it meant avoiding the latter.

    Thanks a lot!

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