Romney Crushing McCain In Maine

UPDATE:  A commenter notes the Republican Maine caucuses took place last week.  I saw the results here which show a 68% return and wrongly assumed they were ongoing today.  In fact, the process is a bit more complicated and the partial number reported may be because the Republican caucuses in Maine have a second part which is not complete until May.  The mistake is mine.

That’s right, with 68% of the caucuses reporting, a man who dropped out of the race is kicking the shit out of McCain by a tally of 52% to 21%.

But no worries for McCain.  While the NYT, MSNBC, and ABC News web sites all have headlines on their front pages about the Democratic caucus in Maine (CNN & CBS don’t seem to give a shit about Maine at all) , not a one mentions McCain’s embarassment.

The media has his back.  Just look at the underreporting of Huckabee’s victories in Louisiana and Kansas and silence on the games being played by the Republican party in Washington.  Anyone not supporting McCain might as well be from the Congo at this point.

4 Responses to “Romney Crushing McCain In Maine”

  1. Your lost says:

    Would it matter to know those results are from last week? Fool.

  2. Macswain says:

    Not really … when I,m complaining about the media underreporting embarassing items for McCain.

    Good to see he is having troubles against Romney, Paul and even Uncommitted in Washington; not to mention the shenanigans of stopping the count to avoid the risk of losing to Huck.

  3. and he dropped out, WTF

  4. You want to talk about under reporting? I think it was Washington where the REpublican party stopped all reporting at 87% and called McCain the winner despite the gap being less than two percentage points.

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