SCOOP: Photographic Proof of McCain Iseman Relationship

The hard working bloggers at Comments from Left Field have finally produced photographic evidence of a romantic relationship between John McCain and Vicki Iseman.


10 Responses to “SCOOP: Photographic Proof of McCain Iseman Relationship”

  1. ah jeez… Damn it, he looks like he’s humping her leg.

  2. Muchos Gracias to Johnathan who has the CS skilz.

  3. He looks like he’s trying to get it on with the Columbia/Tri-Star woman! Really!

  4. “Where am I supposed to put it again?”

  5. “Could you, like, hunch? I can’t get over the knee.”

  6. “But John, there are so many people watching!”

    “Yeah, but they’re clapping so we gotta be doing something right.”

  7. Robert Lewis says:

    Copy of Tax Warrant of Bill Keller editor of New York Times McCain

  8. conrad smith says:

    Bull shit. this photo shows nothing. By the way I am not a McCain fan but damn people if you gonna show a man screwing around SHOW IT. not a picture of a man huggin a lady out in the open with hundreds of people around.
    Lets stop this damn bull craap now. Conrad Smith , Lebanon Oregon

  9. Um… Conrad. It’s a joke. It was photoshopped. The real photo has George W. Bush standing where Iseman is standing with his hand raised in a curiously messianic manner.

    You’re supposed to have fun with it man.

  10. Bandito Heaven says:

    I can’t believe anyone would fall for this made up picture. It has the wrong lighting on the Ms. and McCain is reaching not hugging. Only an idiot would believe this is a real photo.

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