Second Wave Exit Polls Hint At Huge Day For Obama

Before you even get into the numbers, please read Marc Ambinder’s quick little cautionary notice.  Shorter: exit polls aren’t enough to get your hopes up on unless the gap is enormous.

Okay, Josh Marshall has a second wave report on exit polls, and if these hold, Obama is going to hit the trail tomorrow with a HUGE wind at his back.

Let’s take a look at some of the bigger points.

Georgia:  We now know why CNN called it so fast; Obama’s lead there is monstrous, about 75-25.


In delegate rich Connecticut, Obama is sporting a seven point lead.  Connecticut was supposed to be a Hillary safe state up until just VERY recently.  A win here is going to hurt the Clinton camp bad.

Alabama’s showing a twenty point lead for Obama, that’s pretty huge.  And what’s happening in Massachusetts is pretty big as well.  Obama has only a two point lead there, but keep in mind he wasn’t even supposed to play in the state.  Even with the Kennedy endorsement.

Two other major points.  Obama looks to be sporting a five point lead in New Jersey, which would be a significant blow to the state that was supposed to be safe for Hillary based on the Democratic Machine prominence in the state, and perhaps one of the biggest bits of news comes from Arizona where Obama has a six point lead.

The significance of Arizona, according to some pundits, is that a strong showing there could foretell a better showing among Latinos in California than originally thought possible.

Still in first wave exit polls, we have New Mexico which is showing a six point advantage for Obama.  Utah has a THIRTY POINT advantage for Obama, and California is currently going for Clinton by three points.

Again, take these numbers with a grain of salt, but if these hold, the Clinton campaign will be in critical condition tomorrow morning.

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