Since I’ve Been Gone

Well, thanks to Shae for posting SOMETHING in the open thread.  For the rest of you… FOR SHAME!

So in the almost hour and a half I’ve been gone, what have we missed?

Well, per MSNBC’s handy dandy dashboard, Hillary Clinton currently has a Super Tuesday Delegate lead of 22.  Not much.  Right now the big story is that she’s won the North East, while Obama is carrying the South pretty handily.  Pretty soon, I should expect to start hearing news from out West.

As for Republicans, though Georgia has just been called for Huck, McCain is already out ahead of everyone with a commanding delegate lead.  What’s even bigger for the moment is that while McCain has 314 delegates, Romney’s only been able to secure a paltry 58; not even half of Huck’s total  127.

We’ve got plenty more coverage coming up, and I’ll probably throw some music in here soon now that I’m home.  We’re gonna make this a real party, so stay tuned.

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