Something Heavy for a Saturday Night


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  1. Man, I’ve been reading about this all damn day, can’t wait to get home and actually watch it (yeah, I got nailed with weekend work this weekend. HAPPY!)

  2. It is quite kick ass! Better find your ass a computer and quick.

  3. Damn it, I get home, and my wife is watching tv. I just can’t ever win.

  4. Huh? You can’t watch the video on the ‘puter?

    Well, once you get a chance to see it chew on this…wouldn’t it be a coup to air this thing during the Super Bowl tomorrow?

  5. No. I would go through all the logistics as to why I can’t until at least tomorrow morning, but rest assured that’s looking like the case.

    As for the Super Bowl, if it’s as great as I keep hearing, yeah, it would be major, but no network would air something political like this during the Super Bowl, much less Fox which, if I’m right, is the network carrying it this year.

    The silent coup however, is the Super Bowl itself which is going to overshadow Bill Clinton’s supposed mea culpas for race baiting… especially if the Pats win. You get a perfect season, and the only people who are going to be reading and caring about Bill will be the political junkies.

  6. Okay, so something came up and I got a chance to watch it and damn… chills. I actually got chills. You know me and Obama, but I’ve been covering this race so much that I’ve gotten a little desensitized, but damn, this brought it back. This gave me that same feeling I had the first time I saw him speak in a High School gymnasium in Virginia.

    This ain’t even about Hillary, I dare ANY politician in the hunt for president to have this effect on you. It’s not going to happen. It just won’t.

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