Something Light for a Saturday Night: Don’t Let the Dog Days Get You Down

Now, I know the phrase “dog days” typically refers to the hottest stretches of summer. But, hell, I love hot weather. My least two favorite months are January and February. Dreary, wet weather just dragging along. These are my dog days.

It’s also a time when not a lot of new music or videos are being dropped. But never fear. I got your back. Here’s some great stuff that will get you through these last days of winter.

One of my favorite albums so far this year is Marah’s Angels of Destruction!. The most accessible song on the record is “Angels on a Passing Train.” Unfortunately, there is no official video yet. Thankfully, a fan threw together a great slideshow video. Here it is:

Next, here’s an awesome new video from one of my favorite bands, The New Pornographers. The song is “Myriad Harbour”:

Finally, those who know me know I have a weak spot for Neil Finn’s band Crowded House. Well, Neil has a son, Liam, who has just released an album showing he has inherited his father’s gift for melody and hooks. Here’s “Second Chance” by the lil fella, Liam Finn:

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