Star Witness

McCain is sometimes portrayed as this strange kind of talisman against Democrats, a boogeyman in electoral politics.  The reasoning is because here’s a guy who’s pretty well respected, and he’s got enough of a little liberal streak in him to actually get some crossover support.

Beware, liberals, beware for MCCAIN IS COMING!

So, am I the only one that thinks this guy might just go down like a chess club kid with a glass jaw?

Beyond the veneer of the aisle-crossin’ Mavericky Maverick conductor of the Straight Talk Express, McCain’s got some serious issues.  For one, he’s not particularly well liked by his base.  He’s actually admitted he doesn’t know much about the economy, this coming at a time when the economy has finally pushed past Iraq as the number one issue concerning Americans.  And the area where he is strong, Foreign Policy, he may have the background, but folks aren’t necessarily lining up to buy what he’s selling.

A hundred years in Iraq?  Riiiiiight…  That’ll go over well.

You have his age, which, I don’t mean to sound agist, is going to be a problem in the eyes of the electorate, and you got that famous McCain temperament that could blow at any time.  Imagine, if you will, a McCain/Obama debate.  We’ve seen a lot of Obama, like him or hate him, Obama keeps a cool lid on that head of his.  Just go on and imagine McCain launching off into a tirade with Obama on the other side of the stage.  He’ll shake his head, maybe mutter something like, “John…” under his breath, and well, there you go.

Not the best debate moment out there.

But on top of all this happiness, it turns out, the Straight Talk Express has something of a problem with Straight Talk ™, as we have seen in the aftermath of the much derided NYT story that suggest McCain went to bed with a lobbyist.

Now, McCain may or may not have gone to bed with said lobbyist.  I’m not going to address that directly, I’m with Cernig on this one.  I care about what politicians do behind closed doors, just not what they do with their genitalia.  So while McCain may or may not have gone to bed with Vicki Iseman, as Michael Isikoff points out, he was in bed with lobbyists.

The star witness for the prosecution in this instance was… wait for it… JOHN MCCAIN!  Yes indeedy.  After claiming he had no personal contact with the folks at Paxson regarding legislation was kind enough to help them out with, we come to find out that McCain had given a deposition back in 2002 where he stated that he… uh… did.

Josh Marshall brings it home.  For someone who has made his core presidential campaign message (twice in a row now) unflinching honesty, John McCain seems to be, well, pretty dishonest.

So, let’s recap.  Doesn’t know the economy, knows foreign policy but has a lousy position on it, couldn’t pay his base to like him, has anger issues, integrity issues, and a strange habit of bald-faced lying…

Maybe he is a Reagan Republican, you know, the kind that says, “I can’t recall.”  All the time.  Why not?  Worked for Gonzo (sorta).

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  1. lkm55 says:

    there hasn’t been a Reagan republican or a conservative in the White House since 1988.

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