Teamsters for Obama.

 Obama finds Hoffa!

 Okay, that was terrible, I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.  It’s not THE Jimmy Hoffa, I’m talking about, but instead his son who announced yesterday that the 1.4 million strong Teamsters has endorsed Obama.  That makes yet another major union endorsement for Obama, and I know you got to be thinking how big of a deal is this?

Just like with the MoveOn endorsement and the SEIU endorsement, we’re talking about massive organizational advantages, the Teamsters being, no doubt, the biggest yet with 1.4 million members.  Does this mean that all of those members are going to go out and start canvassing for Obama?  No, but I’m sure a good chunk of them will.

Also, there’s the positive media angle, one that should not be overlooked, and has been discussed before.

But the big deal I think here is that we’re starting to see unions break for Obama  now (there’s another one supposedly in the works and if I hear about it, you’ll know), which is significant considering that the middle class worker is a demographic that Hillary Clinton desperately needs to hold on to.

If Obama becomes the pro-labor candidate, especially in states like Ohio, it’s going to get even uglier for Mrs. Clinton.

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