Yes, it is a great day to be a Texan today-bans on sex toys have been lifted!  And a good thing too, you know, because this isn’t just a privacy issue, it’s a safety issue as well.  Folks, take it from me, leave the manufacturing of marital aids and personal pleasure devices to the professionals; you may think you know what you’re doing, but chances are, you don’t!  The last thing you want is an x-ray of your bum on a website displaying for all the world to see what you thought might be interesting to shove up your various orifices.

So folks, remember, be smart, be safe, use only officially certified sex toys purchased at your friendly local marital aids dealer.

(h/t memeorandum)

2 Responses to “TEXANS REJOICE!”

  1. But they did not do tha for alabama . they still on the boks. nothing like the real thang

  2. I’m afraid to click the link while I’m at work…

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