The Anti-Romney Coalition

In this missive about the Republican race last night, I swear it sounds as though Mark Steyn is on the verge of killing himself.  Don’t worry Mark, I’m kind of with ya at least in spirit… my party still seems a little too close to nominating what would be the single biggest fundraiser and grassroots energizer your party could ever hope for, but that’s how things go sometimes.

Sometimes you just lose.

I’ll be honest, I feel the Mitt thing a little more than a lot of my lefty brethren.  My step dad’s been pulling for Romney for a while and I have to admit that while I wouldn’t ever vote for the guy, I’ve respected his political prowess on the trail.  There are just a couple of problems.

The first is hinted at in Mark Steyn’s post and a little more clearly defined in the rise of Huckabee.  After years of jaw dropping party unity, theindividual factions that make up the party have gotten a little greedy, particularly the religious right.  And I have to admit, this is something you Republicans should have seen from the beginning.  You should have known what you were getting when you got in bed with that crowd.  All of the focus groups that the conservative movement had put together to create their grassroots foundation were eventually going to start demanding payment in trade and the end result looks to be the utter shutting down of an intelligent, politically gifted, and competitive conservative that had won over the intelligencia of the conservative movement.

That really sucks.

The other thing that really sticks out to me is the amount of money Romney has had to spend just to get where he is.  According to WaPo’s The Trail, Romney spent in excess of a million dollars per delegate awarded him.  This compared to Huckabee who picked up 20 delegates for the same price.

All of this makes painfully obvious one thing.  Romney just doesn’t appeal to the Republican grass roots.

The Republican party created a monster, unfortunately for them, it turned out to be the Anti-Romney Coalition.

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  1. must be nice to have all that disposal income, and to think he will get all back in taxes and get a tax break

  2. You know, I never even thought about that angle. I mean, I’ve thought about his personal fortune being invested in campaigning, but that was more from a political viewpoint.

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