The Difference Between The Two Camps

I take weekends off from blogging, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still keep my eye on the news and what’s going on.  For instance, I know Hillary Clinton got spitting mad regarding a couple of mailers the Obama campaign started distributing in Ohio, one attacking her on her healthcare plan, the other going after her on her position on NAFTA.

Fair enough.

I’ve also seen the mild storm that arose after the wide release of the following picture:

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The distribution of the picture of Obama in traditional Kenyan garb and has been used in some circles to reinforce the idea that Obama is some sort of stealth Muslim candidate.  The utter ridiculousness of the claim has even led to conservative bloggers such as Rick Moran to a state of exasperation.  The point being, it’s hard to make valid criticism stick when people flood the wires with silly narratives such as this.

But the real interesting aspect of this is not just what, but also who.  As in who is helping pass this little snapshot along.  As Drudge reports, one of the culprits is the Hillary Clinton campaign who have been circulating mailers of the photo.  This highlighting a major difference between the mailers distributed by the two campaigns.  One campaign is sending out mailers focused on the issues while the other campaign sends out a photo that is widely being used to paint Obama as an Islamic Manchurian Candidate.

This is the difference between rough and tumble politics, which is to be expected, and outright mudslinging and Rovian politics, which the Clinton camp points to the Obama camp for partaking in, but itself engenders in spades.

The clincher; Drudge also has photos of other prominent American political leaders in foreign garb.  Care to guess who else has a picture in foreign attire?  You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

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