“The Kitchen Sink Fusillade”

The question’s been out there; does Hillary go negative?  It’s at its heart a silly question but in a way one that aptly informed what Obama called, “the silly season of politics”.

Does Hillary go negative? he asks with a wry edge to his voice.  It’s obvious, like listening to Madden talk about prevent defenses, you already know the answer to the question.  Of course, she’s already been negative, that’s part of the point.  We’ve been tracking a trajectory of negative campaigning from the Clintons well before Iowa, and only getting worse as the process goes on.

She other question, the equally obvious question, the one that seems to not get enough attention in the Clinton camp is; should she go negative?  If polls and states won or lost are to in any way be a guide, the answer is “no”.  It’s not only no, but uh-uh and maybe even a don’t you dare.  Going negative is a risk for any candidate, and what Clinton’s campaign advisors seemed to have forgotten is that it was a specifically greater risk for Hillary who was already entering the race with uncommonly high negatives.  That was at the beginning of the contest before the process of negative campaigning had been tested and observed in the field.

But we’ve had plenty of opportunities now to see the results of negative campaigning from Mrs. Clinton, and they’re not promising.  From South Carolina to Wisconsin, going negative for Hillary has proven to be a technique that only backfires and blows up in her own face.

Of course, there’s another problem with negative campaigning; you risk damaging the eventual Democratic nominee.  It is all fine and dandy to draw contrast or to debate on the issues, but from the “dressed” picture (which the Clinton team has yet to put an outright denial on) to the openly mocking of Obama’s hope and change theme, these are personal and in the case of the latter, mean.  Defenders of Clinton may justify this behavior by saying the Republicans won’t take it easy on Obama, which I get.

But I’d also kind of would like for Hillary to not do their homework for them either.

So, given that negative campaigning has only hurt her in the past, and has the potential for softening Obama up for what will be a bloody General Election fight, one might be a little confused at the “Kitchen Sink Fusillade” the Clinton campaign intends to toss Obama’s way.  The final week, possibly marked by tonight’s debate, will mark a five point attack plan the Clinton’s are set to launch against Obama where they intend to throw everything, including the kitchen sink.

Get your waders and poop goggles kids, it’s going to get muddy up in here.

Is it likely to work?  No.  Even Clinton’s own staff realizes this is a huge risk and reeks of desparation, but the Clinton camp is going to go dirty because, well, that’s what the Clinton camp does.

2 Responses to ““The Kitchen Sink Fusillade””

  1. icrutchfield says:

    You are spot on!
    The biggest mistake on part of team Clinton is the underestimation of the press. While they always covered the Clintons in a positive light during their admin; the Clintons continue to expect, and demand a positive coverage. They both are narcissists, and nothing will enlightem them of accepting the upcoming loss.
    I am sure the democrats do not want to return to the scandals, infighting, and dishonesty, as well corruption of team Clinton.
    They are not willing to acknowledge that the once loved couple no longer is desired by anyone but a few. What is most appaling is the racial undertone by the both them, beginning in SC, and the latest of the dress flop; once again reminding voters that he is just the black guy, and mount to only empty rhetroic. It is a sad spectacle, and will damage the democratic party as a whole, regardless of the outcome. The display of arrogance by team Clinton is beyond disgust.
    While they won’t admit, but really this suppose to be the thrid term for Bill with Hillary in tow, as it once was. Hillary despises Barack because he is denying her the crown she deem to own for whatever reason.
    For Hillary to claim ignorance on foreign experience for Obama, reality is because of team Clinton’s inaction, Rhwanda occdured, and unauthorized war in Kosovo (with bad consequences), and the setup of 9/11. As far as special interests, Clintons should never open this can or worms, as the fundraising scandals from their history is not limited to selling miliraty secuyrity to the chinese, whom she now is villifying. I could go on, and on, but there is not enough room to list all of them.
    There are many of us, who can’t vote because of our iimigration status, and until citizenship is completed, we all can only wonder.
    I have many issues with McCain, and would also never vote for him, never vote for Hillary, and while I do not agree with Obama on may issues either, I do appreciate his integrity, honesty and blanced consistent character.
    Sorry for the long post!

  2. Not a problem. Long posts are always welcome. I can’t guarantee I’ll always be able to respond. Like this one, I hope to respond to it, but I’m pretty much swamped this entire week and am pretty shocked I’ve been able to get as much written so far as I have.

    I’ll try and get back to you later this evening.

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