The Undercards

With Super Tuesday behind us we’re looking at one impossibly long home stretch that… damn it… isn’t really a home stretch at all, but instead the beginning.  And in this new beginning, it is of course time to evaluate lessons learned and how to best proceed as a result.

If Super Tuesday did teach us anything, it is that Obama and Clinton are essentially on even footing with the voters.  It shows that in many cases, Democrats would be satisfied supporting whomever comes out with the nomination.  Finally we have learned that whether it is true or not (which, actually, it’s not), the media has decided to stick with its narrative that there’s no daylight between the two candidates in terms of policy.

What’s a candidate to do?

For Obama, perhaps the best line of attack is the oldest line of attack; Clinton’s electability.  For Clinton, it’s almost a matter of running out the clock and hoping the Super Delegates will drag her across the finish line, but Obama still doesn’t have that party support yet which means somewhere, somehow, he’s got to make the case that he would be the wiser choice for Democrats, be they party members or party elders.

And after all the talk of vetting, Hillary has yet disprove the most serious charges of inelectability against her.  Still, going after her on this point proves a very tricky path, especially since being too blatant gets you slapped with the deadly, “Republican Talking Points” charge that the Clintonistas seem all too happy to throw around.

But you can’t let her walk on it, and I think the Obama campaign might have the right idea here.  Instead of going directly after Hillary, they Obama camp is sending an indirect attack her way which challenges Clinton’s ability to assist in down ticket or undercard races.  This is a big issue for the party, especially at a time when Republicans have been announcing retirements like flies.

There is a high potential to lock in a huge majority for Dems, but the top of the ticket has got to be strong enough for some of the weaker undercards to piggy back on.

But in the coming days, this argument has to be refined.  It can’t simply be as this mailer is a repudiation of how Bill Clinton lost seats, this has to be a more thorough connection on Obama’s campaign performance thus far, and the impact it will have on undercard races particularly in red states.

Super Tuesday can provide more than enough ammo to this extent.

(h/t memeorandum)

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