Top bin Laden Aide #269 Claimed Captured By Pakistanis

When it comes to top-heavy management, it would seem that even the Boy Emperor surrounded by his Band of 100 Bigots has nothing on Osama bin Laden. Between Al Qaeda and the Taliban, Washington and Islamabad have claimed the capture or killing of nearly 300 men described as being “close to OBL”, “top bin Laden commanders”, or having “close ties” with AQ’s elusive leader. The latest is Mansour Dadullah, whom Pakistani Army Maj Gen Athar Abbas says was taken in a firefight in Afghanistan’s mountain province of Baluchistan.

(“Confidence is not high, I say again, NOT high…”)

Aside from the fact that Pakistan, in the early days of the Second Gulf War, swept the streets of Islamabad rounding up political enemies of Gen Musharraf and telling US forces that they were, without exception, “high level rebel terrorists close to bin Laden” (which turned out to be fabulously untrue), thus gulling the abysmally ignorant Bush Administration into throwing hundreds of innocent men into Gitmo without a trial, there is the minor problem that most rational intelligence estimates of AQ’s actual strength are somewhat smaller than the number of OBL “advisers” supposedly dispensed with – one way or another.

Not, of course, that the Pakistanis – or the Emperor himself, for that matter – would ever lie about such a thing. Dear me, no. Gen Musharraf’s military leaders may be trusted implicitly. The Bush Admin, which understands this, will undoubtedly follow quickly with confirmation of Dadullah’s importance, perhaps even finding – Ach du lieber! – that he was closer to O than even the Pakistanis thought. His brother, maybe. At least a cousin.

“It is a big capture, and it works in favor of the security forces to find these miscreants and deal with them,” Abbas said.

Some news organizations reported that Dadullah had died while being transported to a hospital, but Abbas insisted he was alive.

Though it’s likely Dadullah is scheduled to die, probably accidentally, during transport. That would explain the confusion.

The operation against him unfolded a week before national parliamentary elections in Pakistan. The run-up to the vote has been marked by increasing fears over security at the polls and an upsurge in violence in the country’s northwest. On Monday, a suicide bombing in the town of Mir Ali, in North Waziristan, killed at least eight supporters of the opposition Awami National Party.

Naturally, it goes without saying that the confluence of attack and election was purely co-incidental, as no doubt was the election and the “capture” of Dadullah. It stands to reason that no ally of George Bush would EVER use war for political purposes.

Still, it leaves us with an important question: Is everybody in Al Qaeda and the Taliban a close friend and confidential adviser to Osama? They’d pretty much have to be to get those numbers, wouldn’t they?

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  1. “Though it’s likely Dadullah is scheduled to die, probably accidentally, during transport. That would explain the confusion.”

    They screwed up, then, because they killed Imad Mugniyah of Hezbollah instead. Man, you can’t keep track of the bad guys without a scorecard! :O

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