Tough Guys

You know, celebrity endorsements usually don’t amount to whole bunch.  Most of which not being politicians themselves, they typically don’t have a great deal of political pull sothey can’t necessarily pull some strings behind closed doors, and I really don’t think that there’s a whole lot of people out there that actually change their minds because one of their favorite actors decides to support a candidate.

Still, sometimes celeb endorsements can be kind of fun.

On the eve of Super Tuesday, two of Hollywood’s leading tough guys have each decided to come out in opposing corners.

First up is Jack Nicholson who cackled his way malevolently through Batman, and hacked his way through The Shining.  Jackie boy, who has, admittedly, taken a softer edge in his later years in movies like As Good As It Gets, has opted to come out in support of Hillary Clinton.

But will his tough guy street creds be enough to overcome the street creds of Bobby, “Godfather” DeNiro?  Yup, the toughest of the tough apparently even had the Secret Service detail excited when he came out to lend his support to Senator Barack Obama.

Ah, if only this nomination were decided by a staged gunfight between the two stars, I would have to give a clear advantage to Obama.  Alas, that’s not the case.

2 Responses to “Tough Guys”

  1. terry says:

    I have to say the Deniro endorsement was interesting because supposedly he is a very private guy. Today, Dave Matthews endorsed Barack and yesterday the Grateful Dead had a concert for him.

    I think Barack’s list is a little more interesting.

  2. You know, just this morning I was wondering where Matthews was going to fall… Funny that.

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