Virginia Exit Polls: Cause For Alarm For Clinton

As I watch Obama run up the score in the actual vote tallies, I took some time to look at the exit polls for Virginia, and one demographic jumped out, smacked me in the face, and danced a little two-step.

I’m a little less than impressed with CNN’s exit polls, particularly given that they lack some of the ethnic and age based groups that are important to the dynamics of this campaign.  On the other hand, one particular demographic that has played a significant roll thus far is right at the top.

Specifically, amongst women, Barack Obama beat Hillary by a full sixteen points.  Also, Air America is currently reporting that Obama won another key Clinton demographic in the white <50K a year group.

In other words, Hillary simply had no demographic in which to hide in the VA.  This is either a sign that Obama is cutting into her territory, or Tim Kaine has a democratic machine beyond imagination here.

Either way, this is looking to be a worse night for Hillary than even she could have imagined.

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  1. Quote of the day…

    Obama wins! Huckabee and McCain is too close to call. The humiliation factor for McCain has to be huge here. For Clinton, it’s pretty big as well.

    UDPATE: Exit polls are showing a huge win for Obama. Fifty-six percent of voters were women, and fifty-eight percent of them went for Obama. College graduates went for Obama. Non-graduates went for Obama. New voters went for Obama. People who’d voted previously voted for Obama. Basically, everyone voted for Obama.

    UPDATE II: Obama even won Latinos, 55-45.

    UPDATE III: “There’s no solace anywhere in these numbers” says Olberman.

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