West Virginia Goes To Huck

Well, the first of many contests today is over, and it looks like the first candidate to pick up any delegates in either party on Super Duper Mega Ginormous Tuesday is Mike Huckabee who won West Virginia’s 18 delegates.

This is an early and ugly blow for number two man Mitt Romney who was initially leading in the first vote, however, it looks as though McCain’s votes switched over to Huckabee’s for the second ballot, putting the man from Hope over the top.

Now, this may seem like a small number of delegates, mainly because it is, but we also must remember that the dynamics of the Republican race are a little different than those of the Democratic race.  These contests are winner take all and with McCain showing very strong in a lot of states, every loss Romney suffers, whether at the hands of McCain or Huckabee is going to hurt.  He needs to make up ground against the huge pulls that McCain is likely to make throughout the rest of the day.

3 Responses to “West Virginia Goes To Huck”

  1. Les Muller says:

    McCain’s camp has acknowledged that they approached Huckabee with their group to block Romney. Huck is running for VP and if McCain wins and gives him the spot, if I were McCain I’d hire a food tester for the entire term

  2. But… but… isn’t Huck a man of GAWD? I’m pretty sure the Bible frowns on poisoning your boss. Granted, I’m not that well versed…

    Wait a tic… you’re a minister. What is the bible’s take on poisoning your boss?

  3. Les says:

    frowned upon in the new testament, but lots of poisoning and killing of rulers and family members in the old testament. religion, like politics, is a contact sport.

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