Why Is Hillary Clinton Giving A Victory Speech?

I can’t bring myself to watch it, but just about anywhere you can watch Hillary Clinton milking her New York victory for all it’s worth.  One question.  Why?

As I sit her hopping from one feed to the next, Mike’s feeding me the Chuck Todd Delegate count, and tonight is looking to not be quite the victory dance she’s making it out to be.  From the numbers I’m getting fed, we’re looking at pre Cali numbers with Obama at 594 to Hillary at 546.  Specifically, there seems to be another instance where Obama just might pull off another Delegate lead in New York 94-90.

Now, there’s no digital ink on these numbers, Mike’s having me call them the Chuck Todd delegate count.  But if he’s not wrong, we’re talking about Obama currently leading the delegate hunt, with a final score close to a tie in the 800’s.

Again, if that’s even close to true, the last thing I would do if I were Hillary is be celebrating.

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