Wonder If This One Will Help

For the most part, political endorsements have not had a particularly large amount of effect on the Democratic race.  Definitely nothing I would call direct and large in magnitude.  The Kennedy endorsement was supposed to help Obama with Hispanics, for instance, and it didn’t,  but that doesn’t mean that these endorsements are completely useless.

And there are definitely some nice fringe benefits to some.

There’s, of course, a hierarchy of endorsements, and prior to Super Tuesday, Chris Cillizza outlined them for us,  however he failed to take into consideration pure organizational endorsements.

As far as symbolic importance, unions and organizations can find their way just about anywhere on the hierarchy as each has developed its own public image which comes with positive and negative influences across varying groups of people.  But there is one benefit that is for the most part without a catch: the organization itself.

A major union or organization, if it has the support of its membership, can result in countless call centers, door knockers, and even free ads and press.  But this doesn’t necessarily result in victory either.

For instance, Obama was endorsed by both the Culinary Workers Union, and MoveOn.org.  The CWU endorsement came right before Nevada, and many thought, as did I, that the group which was the largest union in Nevada, would give Obama the organization and postive press needed to win a state which was largely considered Hillary’s territory.  They didn’t.  Further, the regions in Nevada where Obama did win which allowed him to pick as many if not more delegates than Clinton were in the rural areas of Nevada which one would think was reasonably out of reach of the CWU.

By contrast, I have no idea how successful MoveOn has been for Obama, I’ve yet to see any hard data on their efforts on his behalf.

But this is all to be taken into consideration as the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is expected to endorse Obama no later than tomorrow morning.  The endorsement, along with the positive headlines, could result in a major boost in Obama’s organization specifically in Texas where he needs it the most, and may give him an inroads among the all important Hispanic demographic.

Or it just might make Obama supporters feel good for a couple of days.

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