You Have Got To Be Kidding

Ezra Klein once wrote, “If Hillary Clinton does not win delegates out of a majority of contested primaries and caucuses, her aides are willing to rip the party apart to secure the nomination, to cheat in a way that will rend the Democratic coalition and probably destroy Clinton’s chances in the general election.”  This regarding reseating the delegates from Michigan and Florida without a true contest for their support.  Coupled with this, of course, is the bitterly debated role of the Super Delegates, and the already clear intent of the Clinton campaign to undermine the will of Democratic voters.

If only that were all.

Now another tactic the Clintons plan on employing has been leaked, one that goes beyond the pale and sends a clear message to those who have voted and are still to vote in the Democratic nomination race; she really doesn’t care about who you voted for.

As Politico reports, a high ranking Clinton official has confirmed that the Clinton team plans not only to seat the uncontested Florida and Michigan delegates, nor to coerce the Super Delegates to override the voting of the pledged delegates, but they also intend to go after those pledged delegates whom voters have selected to vote for Obama.

Again another rule in the DNC’s nomination process that needs desperately to be fixed.

I cannot say that such a tactic is against the rules, but because the rules technically allow someone to do a thing doesn’t necessarily mean that they should do a thing.  Because it is within the Clintons’ right to subvert the will of the voters on the most basic level doesn’t mean that it’s still not wrong, vile, thoroughly undemocratic and ultimately unbecoming of a person seeking to be the standard-bearer of the Democratic party.

I seriously am at a loss as to how any self respecting Democrat would choose this to be our party’s nominee to the general election.  Right now MSNBC is flooding the cycle with news about a bogus plagiarism charge that the Clinton camp itself won’t confirm it didn’t commit.  They have sought to play the rules of the Democratic party with the expertise of a master musician not in order to see the will of the millions of people who are expected to turn out for the nominee in droves done, but so that she wins the nomination.  They employed blatant race baiting in South Carolina, they have harped upon drug use, they have used increasingly dirty tactics every step of the way.

And no, Obama is not perfect, he’s not a messiah.  Michelle Obama can say something silly once in a while.  But there is a direct difference between the missteps of a campaign that is attempting to accomplish something positive, and the disreputable tactics of a campaign that is doing anything and everything it can to win for winning’s sake.

Hillary Clinton says her campaign is for the good of the country.  At this point, the only thing she can do that would actually be good for this country is drop out of the race now before she tears this party apart and hands the general election to John McCain.

UPDATE: Thanks to Joe Gandelman and Kathy of Liberty Street for linking in.  Also, a big thanks goes out to the Heretik.

4 Responses to “You Have Got To Be Kidding”

  1. Les Muller says:

    One needs to remember that superdelegates were created for the express purpose of stopping Jesse Jackson when he ran for President. The reason they exist is to override the voting public if the democratic leadership this the public mad a mistake.

  2. That I know, but this… she’s not going after super delegates, these are pledged she’s targeting…

  3. Dynamic says:

    She’ll be targeting them IF there is a stalemate… if there’s a genuine stalemate come the convention, she’ll HAVE to target them, as there won’t be any other way to break it.

    Now the trick here is, what does she consider a stalemate? Based on what I’ve seen from her campaign thus far, I can expect her definition to be somewhat different from the rest of ours.

  4. Dustin says:

    There’s a stalemate under one, and only one, condition: a complete 50/50 tie. What are the odds that happens?

    But, as you say, that’s what normal people would consider a stalemate…


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